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Are baseball fans against eliminating intentional walks and Gamemanship (pitchers never intending to throw in a strike zone?


Asking as someone who rarely watches baseball but recently caught the ohtani craze.

Today, shohei was intentionally walked twice, a few games ago 4 walks. Judge too recently had 3 walks.

It’s not that I don’t understand the mathematics. I get it. It gives the opposing team a better chance. But i really think it’s against the optics of general sport entertainment.

The one thing I’ve always like baseball even though it hasn’t always been my number 1 sport, is the battle between pitcher and batter. But if teams have the option to just not play against “stars” then I just don’t see how that’s healthy.

It’s like hack a shaq. It feels like it’s a major disservice to the beauty of the game and the skill sets of players.

Not trying to offend anyone. I’m generally just curious. I know this is a very sensitive topic, and hardcore analytics baseball guys, would call me the dumbest ever for eve brining this up.

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