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Some Optimism (Or Copium)


Okay, this series has been tough. Our situational hitting hasn’t been the best, and the umpires have not been kind. However:

-Drury is potentially back Thursday

-Neto is potentially back next series

-Adell is potentially back within two weeks

-Trout is potentially back within three weeks

-O’Hoppe is scheduled to take live BP today, and is hopefully back in September if all things go well

Do we need help? Absolutely. Are we out of this race? Absolutely not. While I’m unsure about how we fare against the braves, the giants are struggling, we almost beat Houston to kick off the second half, and we took three of four from Texas last month, although they gained Max Scherzer today. I’m unsure about Seattle as well because they’ve won three straight but they’ve also been dealing with some injuries.

Our schedule for the next month will not be kind, however if we can hold out just a bit longer, our squad should be healthy within the next couple weeks.

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