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What happened to the pitching?


As much as we place blame to all the injuries gutting our lineup, our pitching has completely blown it of late instead of keeping the team in the fight. Most of the injuries were our fielders, not pitchers, and the offense with all the replacement guys hasn’t actually been bad. But they can’t be expected to put 8+ runs every game cause our pitchers fucking blew it.

So what happened? We had a lights out bullpen. They’ve come back down to earth which wasn’t entirely unexpected. But starters have also been ass. Canning and Shohei have had 2 bad starts in their last outings. Shohei obviously has that injury, but even before then he wasn’t his usual dominant self. Anderson is just ass as usual. Detmers has been great but got wailed on by the Dodgers. Granted 4 runs should really be charged to Gifo but anyway….

Our starters have gotten rocked by the long ball, and I ain’t sure why. What’s going on with the pitching implosion? Pitchers are gonna have bad outings but everyone all at once? What’s going on? I know the defense is not helping in the slightest, but 13 homers given up in the past 5 games ain’t on them. It don’t matter if we get Drury or Trout back if the pitching is this bad. No offense can keep up with giving out runs like candy.

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