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Question for the optimists: in the miracle scenario where we make the playoffs, can you really see the Halos beating elite teams like the Rays, Astros, or Rangers in a series?


I think for most fans, the ultimate goal for each year is to win the WS and not just show up in October.

Last year, underdog teams like the Phillies and Padres sneaked into the playoffs and made it further than projected, but they really had the talent, clutch, and depth to go far in the first place.

For example, even though they were the underdogs, the 2022 Phillies really did have the talent to get to the WS finals.

Can the same be said for the 2023 Angels? We’re hoping for a playoff appearance but do you guys believe we can beat elite teams based on our performance so far? Even when fully healthy? (Though, isn’t that off the table since Urshela and O’Hoppe are out for the season?)

Not being facetious, I’m actually asking because I’m a chronic pessimist so I wanna know how this team looks to other fans.

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