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How much of a difference would it have made if we traded #17 last year at the deadline?

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I know I know, we shouldn’t talk about him anymore, I get it. The reason I bring it up is whenever I listen to the Angels Win pod, they will always bring up about how they absolutely should’ve traded him at the deadline last year. As if that’s the decision that’s been screwing us over this year.

I’ve always had the (maybe unpopular) opinion that it wasn’t the wrong decision at the time, as we were 7 games over 500 and still competitive. Only in retrospect was it the wrong move, because he walked for nothing, but it was worth trying.

But let’s say we did trade him last year. What would we have realistically gotten in return? Would it have been a game changer for this season? Would we be in a significantly better position than we are now?

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