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PSA – tax not included

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So I went to my first game of the season yesterday and wanted to share a few thoughts, in case anyone else is a frugal bastard like me:

  • In addition to the usual price increases of most concessions, they are now charging sales tax on top of the posted price. So that $8 ice cream sandwich is actually $8.70.
  • They do not list ANY prices in the Corner Market or the vendors walking around. You just have to guess.
  • On a positive note, the $4.50 beers are still there, just a bit more hidden. Only Coors Light or Coors Original 12 oz cans (last year was 16oz Bud). You can get them at corner market. Don’t accidentally grab the small Pacifico though, or it’ll probably be $12.

Eat a bag of dicks, Arte.

That is all.

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