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On whether or not Mike Trout has been “clutch” in his career…

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In a brutal 2010’s decade of Angel’s baseball, nobody in an Angels uniform has come up clutch more times than he has. That being said, he also hasn’t had too many of those of opportunities in his career due to the angels playing some poor baseball. And even in our darkest moments, trout has come up and delivered far more times than anyone else has and it’s not even close.

Like someone on the sub mentioned, you fail more times than you succeed in this game. And because the Angels have put themselves in low-leverage situations more often than not, I think it’s unfair to place trout as “unclutch” or someone who doesn’t pull through in big moments. It blows my mind that some Angel fans still find ways to talk down on Trout in any way, shape or form.

Regarding his Shohei at bat in the World Baseball Classic…. I mean trout has literally never faced him before. And you darn well know that a prime Shohei Ohtani is going to give his entire 110% in that situation. Trout took him to a full count!

Trout said it himself, give him ten at bats against Shohei and he would take him yard – absolutely. And I believe it. Baseball is funny like that

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