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I don’t get what the fuss is about


Truly, I don’t. While it was disappointing to see Ohtani go to a rival like the Dodgers, this was the most predictable outcome of his free agency and I’m not surprised. Nor do I really think we missed out by not paying him 700 million for 10 years.

Now if you take into account the deferments, its more like 460 mil for 10 years when all is said and done. People act like this is a steal for the Dodgers, but is it? Ohtani is coming off a second TJ, odds are stacked against him becoming the pitcher he once was. And 460 mil is overpay for a glorified DH. Quite frankly the Dodgers are taking a risk, a risk I’m glad this team isn’t taking. Cause we need pitching more than anything.

People are also talking about how this contract is unfair and broke baseball but…did we watch the same post season? Where the the 3 highest spenders didn’t even make it? Where the Dodgers and Orioles got swept and the Braves lost 3-1? Playoffs are a crapshoot, and the biggest spenders and best teams don’t always win.

All in all, people are acting like bitter ex’s but this honest feels more like an amicable breakup to me. There’s this sentiment that Ohtani took advantage of the Angels to dump us for a new girl but that don’t make any sense. We paid him peanuts for 6 years and got 3 MVP caliber seasons in return. Given his 2nd TJ, we may have gotten his best years. In return Ohtani benefitted from the freedom and autonomy the Angels gave him. It was a mutually beneficial relationship, but ultimately he wants to play for a winner and we are still far from being one.

Sucks to see him go, but there’s definitely advantages to not paying 460 mil for someone who might not pitch again. We have a freed up DH spot and can go back to a 5 man rotation. Ohtani’s production will be missed, but its time to move on and address the current needs of the team. And that’s starting pitching first and foremost. Sucks he went to the Dodgers of all teams, but let them take that 460 mil gamble. The money we might have spent on Ohtani can be better spent elsewhere.

So I don’t really get the bitterness and anger. I’m not gonna root for Ohtani anymore, but I don’t really any reason to be angry either. It was fun while it lasted, but we aren’t a match given each other’s current priorities. That’s fine, and I’m ready to move on. How about the rest of you?

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