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Ohtani is a buisness man but it still rubs me the wrong way


TDLR: love ohtani, new contract structure is BAD for baseball, dodgers are scum.

I’m okay with Ohtani leaving and i’ll always love him as a player and am thankful we got some time with him on our team.

ALTHOUGH, it does leave a DISGUSTING taste in my mouth to see him defer all that money for the dodgers. Not only is it gonna ruin how salaries are done for the stars. But if he wanted to win so bad why didn’t he do that for us? We literally built 3 different teams around him!!

Also after his 2020 Spring Training I bet we were the only team that let him start AND be a two way player. He wouldn’t be the player he is today if it wasn’t for us, so it just hurts.

Also the fact that the Dodgers surgeon did his Tommy John just shows he was always going to go there and he just played every team to get more money.

ANYWAYS, I hope the dodgers get knocked out by an 84 win team again.

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