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Rendon’s contract.


It’s safe to say that after getting swept, Trout IL, Ohtani injury etc, the Angels season is over.

The biggest thing going into next season is Rendon. Is there anything that can be done about his contract? Does anyone know if there is any legal way in the CBA to get out of it due to injuries? Do you think they talk him into retiring?

3 years and only playing like 20% of the time, I would hope that there is something to be done. I’m sure there is not, because baseball players have the best contracts in all of sports (especially compared to football). But it would be nice if it could be voided, or payed out by insurance, or somehow not go against the cap due to the time spent on IR.

One thing is for sure, NO ONE is taking him via a trade. The guy has not been a favorite around here due to his attitude and his unwillingness to talk to the media. He should do us all a solid and retire. His body isn’t capable of playing baseball anymore. Hopefully he realizes that and they come to some sort of agreement this winter.

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