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Mental health break


As many of you know, I am the top moderator and founder of the subreddit, “server owner” of the Discord, run the connected Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Bluesky, etc. accounts.

The Angels subreddit and the “Halos Hub expanded universe” is what I have dedicated years of my life to. I have never made a dime on this subreddit (no, never even sold a t-shirt…), and have done it for pure love of community and the game.

What you don’t know is that I have been sick with a long illness since April 2020. I have spent the last few years healing physically, and working on my health. I had a lot of free time from 2020-2022, where I was able to work on expanding the community while laying in bed physically ill.

In July 2022, I started a WFH job, and recently was promoted. I have tried to keep everything up and running, adding a website to help promote the community, which evolved into a backup home in case reddit’s protest caused a subreddit exodus, to back to a landing page when that didn’t happen.

Running all of this and trying to figure out the moderation aspect on reddit and Discord is not easy, especially that I am trying to work and get bonuses at a place that actually pays me money to hear complaints and resolve issues.

That being said, lately there have been a few negative and snarky comments regarding me specifically and I have tried very hard to ignore it and keep on towards the overall mission of growing the community.

I know it is the internet, but it has been weighing on me and causing me unneeded stress and hurts my mental health to read. I need to focus on my job, my mental and physical health, and my life in general, before I focus on the Angels community.

I am taking a mental health break.

Seeya around.


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