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How strict are they regarding three year olds at the gate?


I was gifted three tickets tonight for tomorrow’s game. We are a family of four, but I’m not even sure if my wife will meet up with us at the game since she won’t be done with work in Long Beach until about 6:30. If she doesn’t want to come, I’ll just use the third ticket for our three year old.

But…if she does want to come will they sweat me if we turned back time by two weeks and said our daughter is only two? Our daughter just turned three, she is small for her age. I know their guidelines say ages three and up need one. But she will be on our lap the entire time we are there. Maybe 7 innings tops? 🤷🏻‍♂️

I have checked and there aren’t any seats available in the row we are sitting in. But there are a few random seats in the section.

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