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Embrace the Buttercup Curse


Fans as a collective need to come together to reverse the Buttercup Curse.

As some older fans may know, the Angels used to play “Build me up Buttercup” during the 7th inning stretch. If you read the lyrics to this song, it perfectly describes life as an angels fans… big signings followed by fizzling careers (Hamilton, Matthews Jr., Wilson, Pujols, Upton, Rendon, etc.). Best players in the game (Trout, Ohtani) followed by injuries and playoff less seasons. Huge games and exciting moments followed by losing streaks. Injuries to players with exciting futures (O’hoppe, Neto, Morales (broken leg after grand slam), Rendon, Trout, Ohtani (shut down for TJ surgery), and even hitting coach Don Baylor with a broken leg on opening day.)

Real fans don’t need much of an explanation of how we have been buttercupped through the years. Let face the facts… we are cursed and it all revolves around the Buttercup.

My proposal to all Angels fans is to now embrace the Buttercup Curse. Bring back the song for the 7th inning stretch and sing it with all our heart. Don’t let this team build us up any more. Accept that we will forever be let down and they won’t be able to hurt us anymore. Maybe with this collective mindset we can see some type of turn around in this team.


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