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Arte Moreno—I don’t get the hate


Let me start by sharing that I’ve been an angels fan since I was a kid, watching almost every game on kcal 9 w hudler and physioc, having my radio tuner confiscated by teachers for listening to the 2002 playoffs during school events, installing a sling box to watch games while I lived away from SoCal through the 2010’s, etc. Admittedly as priorities changed with age, and I’m not nearly as dedicated to my fandom as I was before. But, I have always felt very positively about Arte Moreno. I remember when he bought the team his first orders of business included making the game day experience affordable for families (4 tickets and hot dogs plus parking for $40) and to make gear available for $10. This was unheard of at the time for professional sports, let alone in a high cost of living area. I moved back to socal 5 years ago and have been back to the big A a few times, and those principles are still big parts of the angels game day.

We read about other franchises that have awful ownership that do and say awful things, and owners who actively play a (detrimental) role in front office decisions. I just don’t see that being a regular part of the angels culture. Moreno has struck out publicly a few times, at least the way the media tell it, but it’s because he’s swinging for the fences with the Josh Hamilton or Albert Pujols deals. Although I didn’t love the deals as a fan, he’s clearly trying. Arguably the worst things he’s done (to my knowledge) are bringing in a hall of famer who will continue to help our team and community, stuck by a couple managers who bled red (scioscia and Maddon who cut his teeth on the bench of Edison field), and tried to elevate the brand by fighting the city of Anaheim to broaden the fan reach. He’s mostly hired good people and has let them do their jobs and he’s betting on himself and this team again this year.

In an environment where we have franchise owners who are bigots and misogynists, Russian oligarchs, etc. I sincerely am trying to understand why there’s so much hate for Moreno who also represents our community. When I wasn’t living in SoCal I was proud to be an angels fan and supporter of the franchise, and now back home I find myself defending the ownership from other fans, one that still supports the community and front office. Please be kind to a 25-year fan and help me understand/catch me up.

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