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Message to New Ohtani Fans who Recently Joined this Sub to Cheer for Him and the Angels


First, Welcome Aboard! More eyes and fans drawn to this beautiful game is always a good thing!

Second, just as in life, not everyone you first meet or bump into will represent the entire culture or vibe of a group/sub. We cheer passionately for this team and our players, including Ohtani (of course) and while we tend to live and die with nearly each play or misplay, we are, for the most part, passionate fans who are decent people.

Third, beginning with this season, a season that of course drew many of you to this sub (again Welcome!), there have also been a certain faction of users/newer accounts who have also joined this sub and have redirected their anger at the past failures of Arte Moreno and this organization towards Ohtani, especially because this is Ohtani’s ‘walk year’. While not the majority of this sub, they definitely are there and vocal, particularly during team losses. So, no, if you sense this weirdly bizzarre disconnect (and many of you have stated as much) in game threads, post game threads, and some of the weird angry replies to any positive Ohtani posts made by new and old users a like, you are not going crazy…It is what it is. In fact, they’re probably downvoting this post right now, but that is to be expected.

Fourth, the “BLOCK” button is your friend. You’ll find that many of these unhinged anti-Ohtani tirades are downvoted to oblivion but yet, the users get to frequent this sub and post again and again…Life’s too short, so do like the rest of us, and Block, block, block…If you wanted to dive into an open air latrine, you’d be discussing the game on twitter instead of an ostensibly moderated sub.

Fifth, there’s nothing like Angels baseball so fasten your seatbelts and let’s ride out the rest of the season together. Woohoo! Just felt it was important to go on the record and say something because some of you were starting to wonder what the heck was going on. You are not alone, lol.

Thanks for your fandom. Go halos!

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