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Path forward to playoffs?


For those that are still hanging on by a thread, what’s your hopium because I need some. Sure we get trout back and that’s nice…

But outside of the Mets series this month, every single team we play is above .500 and for a stretch these games only get harder.

From this Mariners series to the 61 win giants to the 63 win Astros to the 64 win rangers to the 67 win rays. Couple that with the 59 win reds and Phillies and this month is ridiculously difficult. Even in September we have to face the rays, rangers and orioles.

Clearly we need better than .500 from here on out and realistically you probably need to go 10 games above .500 with a little help from other teams to be confident in a spot. So how do we get there? At best we can split the Mariners series at home…

It hurts, folks.

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