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Man, I grew up down the street from the stadium, still live within 10 min away I’m a big time fan I used to work in the hall of fame store. and I gotta say sometimes I think trout is cursed. The Angels need him so bad right now it’s crazy that his injuries are usually in the most important times. People always blame the Angels org for ruining Trouts career and we love him so we never hold his feet to the fire, and ofc it’s an injury. But even before the injury he has been very very human. During the most important season in a long time, this hurts. He crushes the Mariners and we needed him this series. Arte gets a lot of hate but this season is not on him in my opinion respectively. He went all in to save the season and to give some hope but Rendon and Trout really hurt us the most. I think Perry has done a fabulous job but I do disagree with his decisions on Fletcher. He never got an opportunity to really work through his slump, and no one will change my mind that he deserves to be in that locker room way more than Valasquez. In certain situations we just needed an outfield popup or contact with runner on third and that’s where David shines.

Defensively id argue he’s better, but that is a closer competition. And base running id give it to valasquez. But I miss Fletcher and I know his attitude and presence makes a difference everybody seems to love him.

I’m pretty doomer going forward because I think Trout is coming back too late and he always has that I need to find my timing thing and we don’t have time for that.

I do hope we re sign moose next season I love that dude. We need guys like that, I was pumped when he hit that homer. Matt Wise has to be gone soon, he’s had his moments but man something has to change with pitching it’s like no matter who we draft or pick up it never works out in big time games.

One last thing, where the heck is MAX STASSI? WEVE HAD NO REAL INFORMATION

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