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Thanks for the r/baseball trade deadline experience


I was traded from r/whitesox as per the r/baseball trade deadline event and I just wanted to leave some positive reviews/thoughts for y’all:

First off, although I didn’t post that much, I felt welcomed.

You guys handled the Ohtani rumors pretty well considering how much you (understandably) love him.

Speaking of Ohtani, I hope that he stays with you guys due to the appreciation you have for him.

As my regular team, the White Sox, are clearly out of the race, (and wouldn’t do shit in the playoffs anyways), you’re the team that I want to win the AL. A deep playoff run would increase the odds of Ohtani staying and gives the baseball world the glorious gift of Playoff Ohtani™.

And on a bittersweet note, know that you’re not alone amongst baseball fandoms as far as loathing your owner.

Also, keep care of Giolito during your run, he’s a real one.

Best of luck and give the league hell (or I suppose heaven in your case).

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