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I watched through Angels at bats again, here’s how many were borderline or wrong against us


Some caveats: These only applies to pitches to Angels batters where the call was either explicitly wrong or borderline and called against the Angels. This doesn’t include borderline pitches that went our way, or any pitches to Blue Jays batters. Not every borderline pitch should have been called a ball, but when the zone is as bad as its been you would hope that some more of those calls would come our way.

1st inning: Called strike to Rengifo, called check swing to Moniak

2nd inning: Called strike to Escobar

4th inning: Called strike to Renfroe

5th inning: Called strike to Rengifo

6th inning: Possible missed call/borderline to Renfroe (the broadcast strike zone wasn’t up. I’m not counting it, but its worth mentioning). Called strike against Moniak

7th inning: Called strike against Velazquez. 2 called strikes against Moustakes. Check swing called against Thaiss (he probably went, I’m not counting it). Called Strike against Thaiss.

8th inning: Called strike against Escobar

9th inning: Called strike against Ohtani (borderline) followed by called strike against Ohtani.

In summary, I count 13 borderline to missed calls against the angels this game, as well as 2 more that I can’t accurately assess.

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