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I hate the national baseball media


The national baseball media sucks. They are the ones creating this narrative that Shohei is guaranteed to leave and/or looking for a way out of Anaheim. They did this same thing with Trout before he signed his extension. “Trout is going to the Phillies,” “Trout is going to the Yankees,” Trout is going to the Mets,” “Trout is going to the Dodgers.”

The national media always says the baseball world deserves to see Ohtani and Trout in the playoffs. Don’t they understand we as Angels fans want to see Ohtani and Trout in the playoffs more than they do? We all know Arte sucks. Why is the media taking it out on us and the players by trying to create tension in the locker room. F*ck them. Sorry for this random rant.

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