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No Matter What Happens we have a better young core than we’ve had in years


It’s funny that people that don’t watch this team don’t realize what’s truly transpiring.

A young rotation that is pitching well.
A baller outfield with lots of depth.
A permanent fixture at the keystone with Neto.
Potentially the best catching duo in baseball.
An absolute shutdown closer.

What this team is missing.

A reliable reliever who can shut down inherited runners. We need a Scott Shields. Desperately.
A true first baseman with power.
Someone to take Rendon off our hands.

Regardless of what happens with ohtani this team has turned a huge corner and no one seems to be noticing. Too much focus on Ohtani.

I truly believe the Angels are about to enter into a 5-7 year window of highly competitive baseball. What’s your take?

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