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Something to consider that I don’t think gets mentioned with the Ohtani contract situation is that athletes are highly competitive, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal.


As someone who’s played competitively I understand the mindset of a really competitive athlete people get lost in the notion that he “wants to win”. I promise you almost anyone who’s gotten to that level wants to win. It takes a certain kind of person to get to that point.

Now what a lot of people are overlooking is that sometimes there’s more gratitude and satisfaction if you win with the team you’ve been on for quite some time. If you’re able to ride it out and win one after overcoming adversity sometimes the satisfaction is that much better, versus hoping on a powerhouse and taking the east road to a title. Ohtani has a sense of pride too and I don’t necessarily see him going that route.

A good example is Kevin Durant. In my opinion KD is a sell out. The dude had one of the best team’s in NBA history on their heels in the playoffs up 3-1. The Thunder blow it and KD turns around and signs with the same team.

Honestly that hurt KDs legacy more than anything he ever did in his career.

Compare that to a guy like let’s just say Jordan. Bulls got steamrolled multiple times in the playoffs and weren’t super competitive in the beginning, but when they finally got over the hump Jordan basically accomplished the impossible. He turned a joke of a franchise into a power house.

So just because Ohtani wants to win doesn’t mean his mindset is “sign with the best team in baseball” or whatever. Winning is never guaranteed and I honestly think if the Angels continue to commit to fielding a competitive team on the field there’s probably a good chance Ohtani resigns.

You develop bonds and relationships with these players and people in the organization and everyone wants to win.

I think the Angels are trending in the right direction and there’s a good chance he resigns if the Angels field a competitive offer (which they will)

TLDR: Just because a player wants to win doesn’t mean they don’t want to stay with a team that hasn’t had success.

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