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We have the annual Home Run Derby, but no Pitching Derby. Why not?


In the NHL, at their all-star events, there’s often very fun skill challenges. I’ve seen things where a player must shoot a line of pucks at targets on the four corners of a net within a time limit. They have a golf-like event, but with pucks. I feel like the MLB home run derby, while fun, only highlights heavy hitters. And again, the bullpens of teams are the second class citizens.

Why don’t they have fun pitching events? Maybe something similar to the target-hitting NHL event. Maybe an “obstacle course” for pitches, where a pitch must go over one coloured string and then break underneath another. Maybe there can be a golf event but instead of hitting golfballs pitchers must throw their balls towards cups.

I guess I just want to see pitchers get some love too.

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