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Being a manager or a GM isn’t easy by any means. The job requires you to make some hard, maybe borderline insane decisions. Regardless of how the season turns out, wether it’s a playoff berth or an absolute meltdown, M&N (Minasian & Nevin) don’t want to be known as the guys who couldn’t muster up a World Series appearance with the greatest duo in baseball history. Unless we make it to the World Series, Shohei is gone. Even if that isn’t the case, that’s the mentality everyone in that club must have. So with that in mind M&N need to shut down Rendon for the season, give Trout all the time he needs and fully commit to either selling the farm or bringing them up for what can only be described as the most insane second half of baseball the world has ever seen! THIS is the season to do it. Shohei has been doing the impossible for this team for years… now it’s time for the team… to do the impossible for him! GO HALOS!

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