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These rules apply to content posted by users on our Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and other social channels.

This includes text, pictures, videos, links, forwards/shares, or any other form of content posted into Halos Hub affiliated channels and groups.

  1. Be civil and welcoming
    • Our groups and channels are not the place for rudeness, negativity, discrimination (including racism), harassment, excessive complaints, or any number of inappropriate behaviors (including unnecessary sexual conduct). We’re here to enable others to have a great time watching the game and make connections.
    • We expect a drama-free zone where chatters, moderators, and everyone can be free of implied threats, trash-talking, one-upping etc.
    • Moderators reserve the right to temporarily mute, kick, permanently kick, ban, or de-admin users for any violations that affect the Community as a whole or that is causing harassment of specific users.
    • No Hate speech – Hate speech or personal attacks on other users or moderators
  2. No Copyright Infringement
    • DO NOT post a link or content that violates copyright laws; i.e. the Athletic articles or Illegal Streams. It will be removed and possibly get you banned
  3. No Self-Promotion
    • Self-promotion is not permitted in our channels and groups. This includes sharing or discussing paid baseball services not affiliated with us. Sharing free resources is very welcome, but do not spam it. Some internal or external services may receive permission to post their donation or external link as approved by the moderators.
    • Sharing links to alternate Discord channels other than those officially sanctioned by the moderators is not allowed.
  4. Limited Discussion of Controversial Topics
    • Avoid discussing religion, politics, or heated ethical debates here. Our community comes from many different political and theological ideologies. We have much in common from all over, friends – here we focus on those things.
  5. No Spam or Scams
    • All spam or scams, including blog spam, phishing links, will be removed and an immediate ban
    • Fake Merch – Links to sites such as DHgate or similar aren’t allowed
  6. Community integrity
    • No mass-notifying – for example using the @everyone command on Discord or spamming in Private Messaging
    • Community members may be limited or banned if they do something that hurts the Community
    • No Brigading – Joining into our group, subreddit, channel etc. with a purpose to troll from another community will be immediately banned.
  7. Ticket and Memorabilia Sales
    • Not allowed on Discord
    • Allowed on the subreddit following approval by the reddit moderators. You MUST send a modmail prior to submitting.
  8. Individual channel or group rules
    • Some channels or groups may have their own rules specific to that channel or group. Users must follow those specific rules or they may be subject to removal from that channel or group, or from all channels or groups within the Halos Hub network.
    • #Angelsbaseball – Off topic discussion is specifically allowed as long as it follows global rules. The channel has always been used as a general channel since the IRC days. There is no specific rule against posting about the current Angels game (i.e. spoilers), but it is encouraged to use #game-chat during games.
    • #game-chat – Topic of discussion should generally follow that of the current Angels game. Some events may have the channel used for other games. Excessive trolling in #game-chat that results in community distraction may be result in removal of posts and/or temporary mutes. There is no specific rule against excessive negativity or positivity unless it breaks global rules.
    • #suggestions – Troll suggestions will be removed
  9. Unlawful activity
    • Unlawful activity is not allowed on any channels or groups within the Halos Hub network and may result in removal of content or users from the Halos Hub network.

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