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Discord Rules

  1. No discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate behaviors (including unnecessary sexual conduct.) and No Hate speech or personal attacks on other users or moderators
  2. No Copyright Infringement
  3. No Self-Promotion Sharing links and content (including alternate Discord channels) other than those officially sanctioned by the moderators team is not allowed.
  4. No Unofficial merchandise – Links to sites such as DHgate or similar aren’t allowed
  5. No Spam or Scams
  6. Community integrity No mass-notifying – for example using the @everyone command on Discord or spamming in Private Messaging
  7. No Brigading – Joining into our Discord channel etc. with a purpose to troll from another community
  8. No Ticket and Memorabilia Sales Not allowed on Discord
  9. Individual channel or group rules #angelsbaseball – Off topic discussion is specifically allowed ⁠#game-chat – Topic of discussion should generally follow that of a current game. ⁠#suggestions – Troll suggestions will be removed
  10. No Unlawful activity Unlawful activity is not allowed.

Rules enforcement:

Offenses last 90 days, at which point they reset

First offense:

Warning from moderators. Post may be deleted by mods.

Second offense:

10 minutes timeout from moderators, post may be deleted by mods.

Third offense:

1 day timeout from moderators. Post is deleted.

Fourth offense:

1 week timeout from moderators. Post is deleted.

Fifth offense:

Referral to server owner for decision on possible permanent ban. All previous posts and content may be deleted.

Illegal activity, scams, and spam is an immediate permanent ban with all posts removed. Moderators have discretion to immediately ban a brigader.

    Appeal Form (Third offense and above only)

    New Report