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Motivational thoughts on tonight’s line up. Bring it on doomers!


I am extremely pumped for this lineup. The team is so deep that even with 3 injuries, the Angel’s are fielding a major league quality team. Ohtani, the outfielders, and our catchers will be able to give the team the run support needed to win games. The bullpen has been far better than what I thought was possible this year, and even the starting pitching has been solid. The defensive skill of the infield has not dropped much if at all with the injuries, and I do not see us suddenly giving up more runs with this lineup.

If this team is going to make the playoffs, our players need to feed off this adversity and hopefully, 1-2 of our currently underperforming players like Walsh, Trout, Renfroe, and Rengifo will use this motivation to get hot again. Every player on this team is a pro athlete, and everyone, especially Velazquez, Stefanic, and Fletcher, will be giving it their all to show they belong in the big leagues.

Hopefully all three new guys come out guns blazing like Moniak did, but the team can only have so many unicorns. If at least one of them comes out hitting with an average bat and expected levels of defense, the Angels will get a better trade piece that doesn’t involve us trading away the clubs actual future for our playoff run this year. This team is thinking forward to September, and Phil Nevin is doing an excellent job of steering this team in the right direction. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game, and Go Halo’s!!

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