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The Angels had 14 hits and 6 walks today, both outhitting and outwalking the Padres to a 3-10 loss. It’s only the second time in MLB history that a team has outhit and outwalked the opposing team with at least 14 hits and 6 walks in a 7+ run loss.


The last time it happened was on June 30, 1963, when the Red Sox lost 4-11 in the second game of a doubleheader.

Very specific stat, I know. I’m just a bit down and bored and wanted to know if any other team has pulled off a similarly irritating loss before.

Fun little tidbit: Both teams’ RF led the team in LOBsters. Lou Clinton left 9 runners on base and Hunter Renfroe left 8. They’ve both also played for the Red Sox and Angels in their careers.

Another fun little tidbit: The Red Sox did not have a single player starting that day that entered the game with an OPS under .700 aside from the pitcher. The Angels today had 5.

The league average OPS that year was .681. The league average OPS this year is .729 entering today.

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