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A look at Mike Trout’s L/SO and S/SO stats in 2023 vs. Career


Had some time today so I dug around at Mike’s batting stats in 2023 vs. career #s to see how it compares. Everything was normal, with the exception of his L/SO and S/SO stats which seems like an anomaly compared to his career #s.

L/SO = Looking Strikeout

S/SO = Swinging Strikeout

Link to data table on Baseball Reference:

His looking strikes is down, but it’s not that much of a change – what has been is his Looking Strikeouts vs. his Swinging Strikeout. There’s more swinging strikeouts this year compared to his career numbers.

Did his 2-strike approach change or is he not seeing the ball well this year? Personally, I don’t know, just wanted to point out a stat that stood out like a sore thumb.

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