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Realistic and Unrealistic Trade Targets


As we get closer and closer to the All-Star game, I think it’s pretty clear that we’re going to be buyers if anything at the deadline. What moves would you like to see, both realistic and unrealistic?

Personally, I’d love for the Angels to go after Corbin Burnes. It would take a lot to get him, but he’s already stated that his relationship with the Brewers is broken and should they suddenly drop out of the race, he’d be a great target. Obviously this is a pipe dream, and is my unrealistic trade target.

Realistically, Jack Flaherty could be on the move. The Cardinals are cooked this year, and he’s got his worst ERA since his rookie year. However, his numbers on Baseball Savant aren’t awful, and don’t see the massive regression that Shane Bieber does (please for the love of god do not trade for Bieber). He’s a free agent at the end of the year and could use a change of scenery.


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