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Just watched some Angels 2009 highlights

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Man, this team was so good. An elite offense with Vlad, Bobby Abreu, Torii, Napoli, Kendrick and Aybar. And leaving out a few others. Plus the pitching side we had Weaver, Lackey, picked up Kazmir who pitched super well for us in 2009 (even though he sucked after). I loved this team so much with how much fight they had in them.

Whatever happened to this type of fight in the angels? It’s so easy to see how different we play baseball now compared to our 2009 team. Baseball in general has definitely changed a lot in the past 15 years, but it’s so hard to remember that Angels as a franchise were feared and would be competitive. Torii was such an amazing cheerleader for us back then, he such a great team leader. And we also had something to fight for with the tragic passing of Adenhart. Scioscia’s leadership was iconic through all of this. I even think he is one of the last coaches ever who really valued a small ball and hustle attitude/approach.

I really hope we can get back to winning baseball soon. I can’t wait for this nightmare of a period to end for our franchise

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