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Questions From A Visiting Fan

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Good morning Angels fans! I am a Baltimore Orioles fan that is gonna be visiting Angel Stadium for the first time either on July 11th or 12th. I have been to Los Angeles before but never fully explored the city or been to Angel Stadium so I have a couple questions if you all would be kind enough to answer. First off, what is the seating like and what section do you all recommend for the best experience? I will only be able to go to one game this trip so I want to get the best experience at the stadium. Second question, what is public transit like to the stadium? Is it better to drive to the stadium and park? If so, what is parking like and how much does it usually cost? Third question, is the area around the stadium safe for opposing fans? Finally, what are some areas around Anaheim and Los Angeles that a visiting fan should visit and see to fully experience the city? I plan on being in the LA area for about 6 days so I have plenty of time to do some exploring. Thank you all for answering my questions and I’m looking forward to experiencing a game at Angel Stadium and exploring your city more.

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