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The Bleak Future (MLB Player Poles)

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If you guys saw the latest MLB player poles (ouch). But honestly, this is to be expected. I cannot help but just be bamboozled at how much of a paradox the “Los Angeles” Angels are.

Although the Angels play in Socal with beautiful weather, great attendance, one of the games all time greats in Mike Trout (injured ik, he’s still a god), and about all you can ask for from a money standpoint being in a solid market. Nothing is going well. Sure, O’hoppe, Neto, Soriano, Schanuel, and even Jo Adel at times tickle my pickle a bit. But even with improvement with these young studs there is nothing eye popping about this team other than our tremendous failures.

We are dead last behind Oakland A’s roughly 60 games through the season. With close to 100mil in salary riding the IL. A couple of the lone bright spots (Ward, Anderson, and Regifo) seem primed to be dealt to buyers by the deadline leaving a wimpy skeleton of what could have beens and has beens on the roster.

To name a few has beens and could have beens:

Reid Detmers (who’s supposed to be our best pitching prospect) was just sent down to the minors (not his first time) due to his poor month.

Patrick Sandoval who although looks better has almost 0 command and cannot be trusted on a nightly basis.

Matt Moore, Drury, Rendon, Moniak, ect all being less than exceptional or injured. Not to mention Stephenson (RP) who we signed for big money not even playing till perhaps next year. Not even gonna waste my fingers on Suarez (starting tomo! Yay!)

To make things worse, a player pole came out today asking which teams have the worst reputation. Where the Angels came in 3rd worst behind Oakland and Chicago (WS). With comments along the lines of “they treat their minor leaguers horribly” and “incredibly cheap” leading to the result from current big leaguers.


Its hard not to feel doomed as a fan and I know I’m beating a dead horse. But this young core does have promise, I guess. What do you guys think the Angels should do moving forward? Let me know what moves you guys would make. Whether it be trading dad and starting over, or building this team in free agency next offseason. Arte is the easy answer but he’s unfortunately “here for the long run”. Air it out. Let it fly.

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