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Patrick Sandoval may have had the unluckiest inning of all time


All data based on Baseball Savant’s gamecast:

Angels come in, up 4-1, Top 3rd

Zach Remilard: 92 MPH groundball single: .350 XBA

Tim Anderson: 100 MPH groundball single: .210 XBA

Luis Robert Jr: Walk

Eloy Jimenez: 73!! MPH line drive single: .920 XBA

Now 4-3, no outs

Andrew Vaughn: Strikeout

Yasmani Grandal: 99 MPH groundball single: .200 XBA

Now 4-4, one out

Jake Burger: 62 MPH popout: .000 XBA

Clint Frazier: 82 MPH groundball single: .110 XBA

Now 5-4, two outs

Sebby Zavala: Hit by Pitch

Zach Remilard: 62!!! MPH line drive single: .690 XBA

Now 7-4, two outs

Finally, Tim Anderso: 72 MPH flyout: .300 XBA

Sandy finished the inning with a ~.200 XBA against. Through soft contact and groundballs that should be outs, as well as a walk and a HBP, he gave up six runs in a inning from hell.

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