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End of May. Who should get sent down?

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I think Mickey needs to try to figure himself out in AAA. A .169 Average, 36 SO to only 6 walks. Baseball Reference has him at a -1 WAR so far this season. So I think he needs time to relax in AAA and make some adjustments.

Sure, his defense is solid, but Pillar, Ward, and Adell can be trusted to lock it down for now. I think Bryce Teodosio should be added to the 40-man roster as he’s been tearing it up in Triple A. Leading the Bees in almost every offense category.

Idk who should get DFA’d to bring him up, but I think this needs to happen

I would also say Paris, but it’s a small sample, and I wanna see what he can do.
But if he is done up here. Stefanic is easily the best option with how he finished 2023.

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