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Why Nothing Will Ever Change

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So I just recently went to the game against the Guardians on Saturday where we lost 3-4. I went with a couple friends, a few who know nothing about baseball, and it genuinely was a pretty good time. After the game one of my friends (who was sleeping half the game mind you 😭) came up to me and was like, “Dude, we gotta do this more often.” I ask him why they didn’t even win and he was just like “idk it was just a vibe.”

I love that honestly I don’t mind watching my Angels play, but it’s like I just don’t understand the appeal for non-baseball fans to go to games? Especially if the team we are supporting is always losing? Just seems like there’s so many other things we could do instead of sitting around watching the angels get pummeled. I really feel like the angels have the biggest fan base of just causal watchers.

I bring this up because I’ve really been thinking about boycotting games because I personally don’t wanna funnel any of my money to Arte, no matter how much it is. But it’s not gonna matter when non baseball fans continue to show up to games just for a chill night. I just don’t think anything is going to change with this team if nothing is changing in Artes pockets.

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