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Are we the most disappointed/cursed fanbase of the past 20 years?

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The Angels aren’t the worst team in MLB or the most embarrassing, but has any other MLB franchise suffered crushing disappointment like us?

I’m not going to list all the moments. Anyone over 30yrs old remembers and knows what I’m talking about. We’ve cried for our two departed pitchers. We’ve endured gut wrenching playoff exits despite excellent regular seasons. We’ve had several “worst contracts in baseball.”

We’ve had multiple MVPs and a long list of truly excellent players these past two decades, but only an embarrassing postseason record to show for it all. In fact, these amazing players we’ve gotten to see have provided us with lofty expectations almost every single year.

The Angels have never been an embarrassing tank job or a complete group of incompetent morons. We’ve always had something to give us hope. And that hope has been stomped on every goddanged year.

TLDR: We’ve been getting buttercuped every year for 20yrs in a row

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