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What Ohtani does for Asia and culture


Hello, I just wanted to share some love. I am new to MLB thanks to Ohtanimania, I have almost fully ditched Formula 1.

Coming from Asia (I’m a woman), it is very common for us to see Asian men being emasculated in media, forums, whether in the world of sports or entertainment. It is sad to see Asian masculinity being the butt of the joke, whether we’re talking about hardworking and world renowned Kdrama K-pop acts, or the famous Korean soccer player Son, etc.

To now have Ohtani represent Asia on the world stage, with all his brilliance, hard work, humility, power, and beauty, is just so beautiful. I swell with so much pride and gratitude, that my Asian boys are finally seen.

I can’t speak for the Asian-American experience in particular. But I just wanted to tell you how proud we all are of him 🥹

Sorry if this isn’t allowed!

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