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Crapino is an idiot.

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Are you guys done with this org yet. 20 yrs season ticket holder until this yr. Crapino is an f’in idiot. I know for fact , I mean a fact , that everyone in MLB is laughing at him and ARTE STERLING.
Kid was an all SEC athlete at UGA. Went to school and friends with Marsh , Walsh, Brad Keller etc. Keller hasn’t pitched for the Angels but heres the laughter also. The other 2 are HAPPY as hell they are gone. The stadium is a joke , has anyone of you been under the dugouts and the batting practice area. UGA’s worst cages are 100 times better than what Angels have. Go give it a look if they will let you. I personally know scouts who also laugh at their dumba$$ scouting system. Look up how many of their scouts left. Especially when they were told to only draft lefties a few yrs back. How’s that worked out so far. I have so much info on this crap org that I finally gave them up.Crapino is the main problem. Im sure you all don’t know that they told the interns that they promised a job were let go and asked to comeback to help with the Ohtani news conference. I gots lot more. Scioscia has a great upper cut. Ask around.

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