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Cheapest Seat/Section to see Fireworks?


My daughter doesn’t really like baseball. The most important part of the game is the Pac Man Race and the fireworks on Saturday. The coca-cola pack doesn’t have any games with fireworks because that is my GO-TO tickets for cheap seats. What zone is the best bang for the buck? Are tickets at Stub Hub or Seat Geek legit? I rather put money back into the fans pocket by buying games they can’t attend than to put in Art’s pocket.

Our first game last year was Fan Appreciation Night and we got tickets in Section 504 for $11 each. The hot dog wasn’t that good. The sections below us that night were completely empty but we sat in our seats the entire game. Don’t think it’s ever right to walk down to a seat that is not yours.

The $20 parking fee is avoidable and just the cost of admission.

Thank you!

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