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How You Feeling About Opening Day


I’ve been an Angels fan since 1971. I was at games 1 and 7 when we won the World Series. Been through Tanana and Ryan and two days of crying. The playoff meltdowns, the wasted money on Hamilton, Pujols, Matthews etc…

We all realize Arte is a bad owner. It’s easy to spend his money, but the dude could throw me and eight of you on the field and still draw 2 million a year to Angel stadium.

I’m a nerd and pay attention to preseason. They started out fairly strong but over the last two weeks have stunk. The hitters aren’t hitting single A, double A or triple A pitching. The pitchers rarely get 123 innings.

It’s time to cut bait on Sandoval, Adell, Suarez et al… On paper, we have some decent players. But we’re not showing jack sh&t on the field right now. It’s only going to get harder as the season starts.

We’ll be lucky to get 3 or 4 innings out of starters, we might be ok at middle relief but I don’t trust Estevez after he melted down last season. On offense, getting 9 hits a game will be a lot for this team. Look at the preseason batting averages. They stink! The only full time players doing decent are Hicks and Moniak. Marisnick is hitting really well but we’ll protect Adell and end up releasing Jake.

Here’s the stats from ESPN so far. I want to get excited but things don’t look good.


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