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Spring Training with a baby question


Hey Angels fans, Giants fan here with a question.

My family and I will be going to spring training this year for the first time to see the Giants play the Angels at Tempe Diablo Stadium. We’ll be coming in with our young child and toddler who we want to keep protected from the sun. We have lawn seats and from what I can see, we’re in for some serious sunshine. I looked online at the stadium rules, and it clearly states no chairs or umbrellas for lawn seating. As someone who wants to respect the rules of the stadium and the other people trying to enjoy the game while also keeping my kids protected from the sun, I wanted to get your input on some ideas we had.

We have a travel jumper and a travel high chair that have sun shade attachments. Wondering if either of those would be 86’d by the stadium. The other option was buying a wagon stroller with a sunshade on it for both kids to use. The stadium says strollers are allowed, but the last thing I want is to get the axe at the gates for it or create an issue on the lawn for others. Obviously we will have hats for the kids and plenty of sunscreen on hand regardless of shade options we can utilize.

Thanks for any insight you can share, excited to see the stadium and enjoy spring training for the first time with the family!

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