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I don’t care if Arte doesn’t want to sign Snell or Martinez


Any time Snell is mentioned on here, folks are quick to point out how his pitching faults, losing a draft pick, overspending on a Boras client and how it would be a total Arte move that would backfire like all his other big name signings.

When rumors came out this week of the Angels’ interest in JD Martinez, folks were very vocal about how the team doesn’t need a permanent DH in a season where its newfound flexibility can benefit the likes of Trout, Rendon, Rengifo, Adell, whoever.

But once its come out that Arte might be the one putting the kibosh on signing them, suddenly folks are in complete and utter rage over this?

I personally wouldn’t care or mind if the Angels were to sign either of them. But If its true that Arte isn’t giving in and actually holding back from signing a name player just to sign a name player, then I’d argue its one of the best things he’s done in recent years along with the whole “I don’t want to spend unless it has a significant impact” thing.

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