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Spring Breakout Game Preview (3/16 at 4:10PM)


MLB’s news article on this event. Schanuel makes an appearance in the video! Funny because he kind of skipped that whole sequence of events.

Quick summary: Every team makes a 26-man roster of just prospects. These rosters play 1 (or 2) games against each other.

Our game is against the Dodgers tomorrow at 4:10PM. Nolan Schanuel and Ben Joyce opted out. A lot of the Dodgers’ top prospects are also not playing, likely because they either are on the 26-man (Gavin Stone, Kyle Hurt) or are injured (Nick Frasso, River Ryan).

Article on our roster:

Like a normal 26-man roster, there will be 13 pitchers and 14 position players (there’s 1 extra but I don’t know why). This is a bit overkill
for the pitchers especially because it’s one game, but oh well. We should see every position player play, at least.


  • Caden Dana, RHP, No. 3
  • Barrett Kent, RHP, No. 6
  • Jack Kochanowicz, RHP, No. 10
  • Walbert Urena, RHP, No. 13
  • Camden Minacci, RHP, No. 19
  • Jorge Marcheco, RHP, No. 20
  • Joel Hurtado, RHP, No. 21
  • Kelvin Caceres, RHP, No. 28
  • Francis Texido, LHP, No. 30
  • Jack Dashwood, LHP, NR
  • Nick Jones, LHP, NR
  • Bryce Osmond, RHP, NR
  • Hayden Seig, RHP, NR

I’m expecting some combination of Caden Dana, Jack Kochanowicz, Walbert Urena, and Kelvin Caceres to pitch this game. Maybe we’ll see Jorge Marcheco and Joel Hurtado. The unrated guys are mostly in AAA and much older, so maybe they’ll be thrown in in a pinch.


  • Dario Laverde, C, No. 8
  • Alberto Rios, C/OF, No. 18 (2023 3rd round)
  • Juan Flores, C, No. 22


  • Kyren Paris, SS, No. 4
  • Denzer Guzman, SS, No. 7
  • Adrian Placencia, 2B, No. 15
  • Capri Ortiz, SS, No. 23
  • Sam Brown, INF, NR (2023 12th round)
  • Tucker Flint, INF, NR
  • Cole Fontenelle, INF, NR (2023 7th round)


  • Nelson Rada, OF, No. 2
  • Jadiel Sanchez, OF, No. 14
  • Jorge Ruiz, OF, No. 17
  • Anthony Scull, OF, No. 26

I expect our starting lineup to be something like

  • Nelson Rada (CF)
  • Kyren Paris (SS)
  • Tucker Flint (1B)
  • Jadiel Sanchez (LF/RF)
  • Jorge Ruiz (LF/RF)
  • Dario Laverde (C)
  • Adrian Placencia (2B)
  • Cole Fontenelle (3B)
  • Sam Brown (DH)

This would make the bench:

  • Denzer Guzman (SS)
  • Capri Ortiz (SS)
  • Anthony Scull (OF)
  • Alberto Rios (C/OF)
  • Juan Flores (C)

Should be an exciting game!

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