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Jo Adell


What a frustration Jo Adell has been.

He has had a rough spring and his swing doesn’t look good to me either. He really looks like he is just flailing at the ball in hopes of slapping it into play.

I understand that there were concerns about his strikeouts and batting average, but at this point it feels like he is compensating so much for these worries and his power has been zapped too.

I’d really like the Angels to let him go back to some elements of his old swing where on any given pitch he might send the ball 500 feet.

While it’s not sexy, a .220 batting average with 25 home runs and 15 stolen bases would be a significant contribution for any big league team.

At this point I feel like the Angels and their development staff have completely lost sight of the type of player Adell will be if he becomes an MLB contributor.

While Jo is ultimately responsible for his performance, its so frustrating to see the Angels trying to turn him into a player he is not.

Please for the love of God, put him in the 8 hole and embrace the strikeouts and the occasional game breaking nuke over the scoreboard.

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