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Angels Schedule Random Tidbits for the 2024 Season


New Schedule Rules Refresher

  • Starting last year, every team now plays every other team at least once
    • Division: 2 home/2 away series for every division rival (13 games x 4 teams) = 52
    • Intraleague:1 home/1 away for every league rival ( 6 games vs 6 teams + 7 games vs 4 teams) = 64
    • Interleague: either 1 home OR 1 away for every interleague rival except for a 2 home and 2 away series vs the natural rival (i.e. Dodgers for the Angels) [3 games x 13 teams + 4 games x Dodgers] = 46

Random Tidbits on the Angels Schedule

  • Open the season Thu Mar 28 visiting BAL with a built in off day the next day
  • The Angels start off 6 of their first 8 series vs AL East teams ( BALx2, TBRx2, BOSx2)
  • The first game vs an AL West rival is not until May 17th (would be series #15 on the season). Here are the 1st matchups vs each AL West Rival
    • TEX 5/17
    • HOU 5/20
    • SEA 5/31
    • OAK 6/24
  • They will play both their home and away series for the season vs the following teams before facing the division rivals SEA and OAK for the first time this season.
    • BAL
    • TBR
    • BOS
    • CLE
    • All Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida teams in either league (CIN, PHI, PIT, MIA)
  • The 4 AL teams in Central/East they play 7 times (instead of 6) are
    • TBR
    • KCR
    • DET
    • TOR
  • They will play an 11 game stretch exclusively vs NL teams from 6/11 to 6/22 (ARI, SFG, MIL, LAD)
  • They will play all 13 games vs OAK from June 24 to July 28
  • July —
    • For 20 days, from July 8 to July 28, they will play only AL West teams (facing all but HOU, All Star break half way through).
    • 20 of 25 games in July will be vs AL West
  • Conversely, from July 29 to August 29, no AL West games. (2 of the 29 games in August vs AL West).
  • The Home Freeway Series will not be during a weekend. It will be played on the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor Day (no game on Labor Day).
  • They play 7 (of 13) games vs HOU and 7 (of 13) games vs TEX all in September (14 of the last 23 games of the season).
  • Alternatively, 6 of the last 13 games are vs the White Sox
  • Last game of the regular season is September 29 vs TEX

How are we feeling for this season?

Have we all got our O’Hopium supply replenished or are we feeling Rendone?

Either way, go Halos!

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