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Could make Case Mike Trout should have 6 MVPs instead of the 3 he has. Agree or Disagree?


Mike trout has won mvps in 14,16,19 deservingly so. But you could make the case he should have more. 2012 his rookie year he put up 10.2 Fangraphs War! Miguel Cabrera won it with a 7.3 Fwar. Reason he won it is he beat trout in the traditional Stats With Avg, HR, RBI. Trout though was only .3 points from Cabrera batting average and trout had a higher OBP. Trout and miggy had identical Ops+ in 2012, but when you factor in trout defense and base running thus the gap in their 2012 War. 2013 probably a tougher case Cabrera had a all time offensive season and having a 8.6 War. Trout offensively wasn’t as good but was still dominant and had a 9.9 War a 1.3 War Gap in his favor. 2015 josh Donaldson won it over trout. Trout was better than Donaldson at absolutely everything though that year.

Donaldson: .297/.371/.568, .398 wOBA, 154 wRC+, 48 wRAA, 8.7 fWAR

Trout: .299/.402/.590, .415 wOBA, 171 wRC+, 55.4 wRAA, 9.3 fWAR

Tight Race but looks like one trout should’ve won. Thoughts? Agree or disagree?

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