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MLB Pipeline released their top 30 Angels prospects, headed by Schanuel, Nelson Rada, and Caden Dana


I think the top 5 is fairly straightforward. It’s the three I mentioned in the title, Kyren Paris, and Ben Joyce, all of whom I think people here should be familiar with. All 5 were in spring training camp, and all 5 will likely be everyday players for us in the future, if not already.

Things get a little more murky after that.

There’s a big jump from Dario Laverde, who’s a catcher who hit quite well at both levels of rookie ball and will start the season at low-A.

International signing Joswa Lugo is a new addition, and also has the best power tool in our system.

Recent draftees, like Barrett Kent, Alberto Rios, and Camden Minacci join them.

A bunch of holdovers remain, including Denzer Guzman, Adrian Placencia, Jadiel Sanchez, and Jordyn Adams.

All in all, it’s a pretty shallow system after the best 8-ish players.

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