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From a Non angel fan can you explain to me what changed with the angels winning ways?


I know no body likes the owner Arte and will blame him first I get that, but he became owner in 2003. 2002 just came off winning a title 2004-2011 there were 6 winning seasons in those 8 seasons. 2012 no playoffs but 90 win season! 2014 you win 98 2015 disappointment but still 85 wins that’s solid. Not saying they were the dodgers, but the angels legitimately were a decent franchise from 2002-2015 there were 11 winning seasons! 11 out of 14 years with a winning record! 13 of those with Arte as owner. Ever since 2016 0 winning seasons. As someone who isn’t an angel fan can you explain why they were very successful 2002-2015 but have been really bad since 2016?

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