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Jonathan Papelbon Rips Angels’ Anthony Rendon: ‘He’s A Cancer’



Former Boston Red Sox and Washington Nationals pitcher Jonathan Papelbon didn’t hold back his thoughts on former teammate Anthony Rendon. During an appearance on Foul Territory, the 6x All-Star and Red Sox World Series Champion ripped Rendon a new one for admitting he doesn’t take baseball seriously. 

“He doesn’t give a sh**… and he’s a cancer to the team!”

Tell us how you really feel, Pap!


Papelbon’s latest comments come after Rendon has been all the talk among the baseball shows this week after the Los Angeles Angels third baseman said that playing baseball “isn’t a priority” to him and that he considers “baseball a job.”

Rendon, mind you, is set to make $38 million this year. In this economy?! Yes, in this economy. Oh, and he’s only played in 200 out of 546 games with the team. 

“When I played with Rendon…every single day he showed up, it was like a chore. He strictly got away with raw athleticism and raw talent, and you can do that. But he’s not as successful as he really, truly could be… but at the end of the day he doesn’t give a sh**,” Papelbon continued.

“If I’m the Angels GM? I’m trying to get rid of this dude as fast as they can…this is going to be the worst deal [for them].”


It’s no surprise that Papelbon would rip Rendon. Clearly, he doesn’t like his personality, but Pap has also had an intense anger against those who don’t always give 100%. Remember when he fought his teammate Bryce Harper in the damn dugout?

Rendon absolutely stepped in it with his latest comments. As we all know as baseball fans, there’s something about America’s favorite pastime that puts it in a category that no other sports have. I mean, just look at all the drama every year when it comes to the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Baseball has that storied and coveted history that generations of fans have loved and respected for years.

Rendon just became persona non grata in ballparks across the league this year, and it’s only the second week of spring training. Gonna be a long 162 days for him! 

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